Moor music

March 2019

Moor Silence is the latest release from St. LeMoor's vault that strikes from the angle of Doing "Moor", and Saying Less. This project highlights the Power of Silence.


New: Good Peoples studio

Saint Lemoor is a talented artist with a powerful message. Check out his work at

St. LeMoor


Born in Dallas, Texas on September of 1992, St. LeMoor is blessed with a gifted voice called to speak to souls instead of flesh. 

     With a strong cultural influence, St. LeMoor picked up the microphone targeting the bigger picture. By striving to unite fellow African-Americans and allies for positive progress rather than seeking money, property and prestige, St. LeMoor pursues his primary purpose of enlightenment. He regularly engages with the community through speaking opportunities, seminars, and think-tank discussions. 

  St. LeMoor believes in the power of a hot mic when it's used to deliver meaningful message to move the crowd. His collaborative yet competitive nature motivates him to be the best he can be by leveraging a southern spin and organic flow.