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Moor Records

Moor Records serves two purposes: first, we create empowering sounds; secondly, we emphasize educating our artists on ownership. It is critical now more than ever that we empower each other with the tools of entrepreneurship.
— Sterling Green, CEO

Moor records logo, 2017



Established by Sterling Green, better known as St. LeMoor, the Texas Native founded Moor Records in March of 2017.

Starting as a project during college, St. LeMoor envisions the label not to simply be a platform to showcase music, but also to educate the artists apart of the label on the power of ownership and give them the skills to own and maintain rights of their creations.

Moor Records means putting moor into the records that we produce while acknowledging the Moors in Ancient Egypt whose influence in education forever changed the world. Education is the key and the power of music is infinite.



St. LeMoor